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Send your messages straight into those vibrating pockets! The SMS inbox is the place that people check the most often, usually within seconds of hearing that buzz.

Bulk SMS

Taifa Bulk SMS allows you to send a single message to many recipients at once via a web-based application.

Short Codes

This is a 5-digit code which enables one to send and receive content from individuals who consume your services.
a) Dedicated Short Code is a code that is assigned to one client only.
b) Shared Codes are codes which are assigned to more than one client at any given one time.
c) Golden shortcodes are easy to recall codes.


Allows a user to interact with services from their devices in real-time. e.g. the famous *544# or *100# are good examples of USSD applications
a) Dedicated USSD- is a 3-digit code which is used by one client only.
b) Shared USSD- is a 3-digit code that can be used by multiple companies or services.

Mobile payments

The mobile money market is huge and through our various applications, we seek to enable you to collect funds easily through MPESA. It's also possible to make payments to a huge number of people at once.

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